Time-based HTTP Caching in Sinatra

It's always a pleasant surprise to come across a library that behaves exactly the right way in the first place rather than forcing you to build helpers from its primitives. Sinatra's last_modified response helper is a great example of this.

Time-based HTTP caching is a simple technique to give smart clients a significant performance boost when accessing content. After receiving a single Last-Modified header, they can pass the pass the same timestamp back to the server on the next response via the If-Modified-Since header, giving the server the opportunity to respond with a 304 Not Modified if the content is still fresh. When responding with a 304, no body is transferred in the response, curbing bandwidth use, and perhaps more importantly, saving the end user from having to re-render the content.

Sinatra's last_modified does all the right things:

  1. Sets Last-Modified.
  2. If the client sent a If-Modified-Since, halts the executing block if the timestamp matches.
  3. Otherwise, allows execution to continue normally.

Most importantly, its usage results in simple and readable code:

get "/:id" do |id|
  @article = Article.first(slug: id) || raise(Sinatra::NotFound)
  slim :show

Posted on December 2, 2012 from Caffe Greco in North Beach, San Francisco

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